The Arts Society Lymington


We are The Arts Society Lymington.  We welcome established and new members and visitors to our evening meetings, held on the second Wednesday of each month from September to June at 7.00 for 7.30.

Season 2018-2019

There was a change of plan for our November evening.  Alexandra had a family crisis, but she kindly persuaded her friend to come and entertain us instead.  Peter Scott talked about the Scottish Colourists, giving us a feast of loveley pictures.  Find out more from the Review of Last Lecture.  Coming next will be the lowdown onf our English Christmas.


We make a selection of ten different subjects each season covering a wide spectrum of interest in the arts fields with a question and answer session with the speaker at the end of the hour's talk.

Special Interest Day

Come and join us for our next Special Interest Day.  Our last one, on November 1st was most enjoyable and informative.  The next one will be on February 21st when Dr Anne Anderson will  tell us about Lord Leighton, his 'Palace of Arts' in Holland Park and the pockets of like minded artists which sprang up scattered around London.

Full details on Special Interest Day page.

The Speakers.  

All our speakers are well qualified and good at delivering interesting and stimulating talks to their audiences.  The topics from which we choose our lectures cover all the arts, from Old Masters to modern jewellery, beautiful old buildings to modern sculpture.  

The Arts Society

For years we were called The Lymington Decorative and Fine Arts Society, and we were members of The National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts Societies - NADFAS.

NADFAS has changed its name to The Arts Society.  We have changed our name as well, in order to continue using the national body's help and information.  This means that we are able to request expert experienced lecturers to visit us and talk about their particular specialities accompanying their talks with splendid illustrative presentations.


Come and join us on December 12th to celebrate Christmas with our members.  We begin the evening with Mince Pies and Wine (or soft drinks) at 6.45, with the talk - on the Origins of our English Christmas by Roger Askew - beginning at the usual time of 7.30.