Some of our Future Talks

13th November 2019

James Taylor: Careless Talk Costs Lives

Art and Design on the Home Front.  Many up and coming artists and designers, now household names, created campaigning posters which are still reproduced today - Keep Calm and Carry on!

James features these memorable posters as he talks about James Fitton, Evelyn Dunbar, Dame Laura Knight and many others who  influenced lives and ended up with RA after their names.

11th December 2019

Geri Parlby: The History and Art of the Crib.

Discover the roots of the familiar crib.  Italian Churches introduced displays in the 1300s and they have evolved into the many diverse examples we know today. Geri will concentrate on the art form of the crib, from medieval carved masterpieces to the extraordinary semi-pagan variations of South America.

A Peruvian Crib                                                       A German Nativity Scene made from paper.

Explore the history of the Harp from the times of King David to the the present day.  The extensive repertoire written for it will be explained and illustrated by our speaker who was co-principal harp of the London Symphony Orchestra for over thirty years.

8th January 2020

Karen Vaughan: History and Development of the Harp