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Some of our Future Talks

NEXT SEASON, September 2019 - June 2020

11th September 2019


Joanna Mabbutt: The Field of the Cloth of Gold

Henry VIII, the young and handsome renaissance prince, met Francis I of France 500 years ago next year.  Each vied to be the more magnificent, each had 6000 followers, and each had imperial ambitions.  Joanna tells us how they did it.

                    Francis I                                                                 A magnificent golden tent

9th October 2019

Tim Redmond: A Tour of Big Ben.

Tim Redmond, an ex-policeman, will take us on a virtual tour of this iconic clock tower, saving us from climbing the 334 steps.

There was friction over the original design; the workings are complicated and we will find out how they work and learn more about the history of the tower and its building.

13th November 2019

James Taylor: Careless Talk Costs Lives

Art and Design on the Home Front.  Many up and coming artists and designers, now household names, created campaigning posters which are still reproduced today - Keep Calm and Carry on!

James features these memorable posters as he talks about James Fitton, Evelyn Dunbar, Dame Laura Knight and many others who  influenced lives and ended up with RA after their names.