Some of our Future Talks

12th December 2018

Roger Askew:  The Origins of our English Christmas

Beginning with pagan festivals and moving through the centuries as the Christian Church adapted festivals from Roman and Scandinavian origins slowly changing the way we celebrate the winter solstice.  Music, art and folk customs have all evolved over the centuries, with much infuence from the Victorians, until Christmas has become our modern celebration.

We will begin our evening with our own celebration.  A Christmas Party for all our members offering wine and mince pies supplied by the Committee.

Come and join us.

9th January 2019

Adam Busiakiewicx: The Queen of instruments - the Lute within old master paintings.

Renaissance paintings often included Angels playing lutes, Later courtiers played them for pleasure and entertaining their monarch, and sometimes, as the years went on, debauchery entered the painted scenes.  Adam brings to life the use of the lute, and other instruments, through the centuries.

Detail from The Coronation of the Virgin by Andrea di Bartolo 13th Century.

13th February 2019

Giles Ramsay:  Oscar Wilde: Up Close.

Examining the public and priate life of one of the world's most controversial artists.  Born in Dublin, Oscar Wilde became an international celebrity, wrote short stories and plays, enjoyed the high life, but came to a sticky end.  Come and learn the details.