Some of our Future Talks

8th April 2020

Elizabeth Merry: Travels in Rajasthan with Rudyard Kipling

The young Kipling toured Rajasthan in 1888 and wrote some magical and evocative descriptions of the buldings he saw on his travels.   We explore some of the magnificent architectural splendours he saw and gain some insights into the rich cultural history of the 'Land of Kings'

         UmaidBhawan                                                                      A Hill Fort

13th May 2020

Linda Smith: Augustus and Gwen John.

Two talented siblings. born in Wales in the 1870s, who both studied at the Slade School of Art in London.  Linda takes a careful look at the lives of both of them, and the relative successes they enjoyed during and after their lifetimes.

CANCELLED - April and May

Hopefully to be rebooked for the future.


10th June 2020 - TO BE CONFIRMED dependent upon situation.

Karin Fernald: English Women and the French Revolution.

Stories told by the adventurous women who visited Paris during the Revolution and the strange experiences they had while there.  Grace Dalrymple hid a governor in her bed; Mary Wollstonecraft witnessed the execution of Louid XVI.  paintings by contemporary artists illustrate the times and the women.

     Mary Wollstonecraft                                                Execution of LouisXVI; 1793 engraving by Sieveking.